Autism Mumma (Jeannette)

Why? Because I’m not on Facebook.

Want to enter a competition? Facebook. Want to increase your reach? Facebook. Etc.

But this annoyed me this week: my so-called economy-saving kettle has stopped being economic. It’s one of those one-cup jobbies, slightly anti-social in that it only boils (wait for it..) enough for one cup at a time, the idea being you don’t use as much water and electricity per cup. Well, it’s stopped filling up the cups and to get “one-cup” now means two or three attempts. Not very economical. I emailed and tweeted the company and got sent a Facebook link. Grrr! Replied and said I’m not in Facebook and got no further reply.

I did dabble once, signed up as me and deleted it as one of the people who connected was my first husband’s (good riddance btw) partner, ummm..why? I think we last spoke by phone when I…

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