Starting over…

I am notorious for starting blogs and then leaving them to rot. I begin with the best of intentions and then things take over and I forget and/or become apathetic about their continuation. But I do believe it is important for me to maintain a blog if I can. I have so many random thoughts whizzing around in my head that I need an outlet for them. So here we are. I have a few ideas for much longer posts than this. This is just a lil something to get the ball rolling so to speak. Laters!


2 thoughts on “Starting over…

  1. Same here 😀 It is interesting that different phases of my life (with very different interests and concerns) took me to different kind of blogging (attempts) and introduced me to diverse people – some stayed in touch even after the blog was gone – so they are virtual connections from my very different past lives.

    I see so many EDS-HT bloggers who stopped blogging – and wonder how are they now – I read their stories and somewhere they matter to me – I am aware of their existence and in some way, I care. I also wonder how long this time, for me 🙂 I hope you continue to write and I wish you the best for your health.

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